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“Warren Buffett’s New Toy” or “OPEC’s Worst Nightmare” – Promoted by Motley Fool

The Motley Foolies are running at the moment an ad that tells us about a stock Warren Buffett has been buying. The Motley Fool calls it: “ Warren Buffett’s New Toy ”, ” no brainer “, ” OPEC’s Worst Nightmare ” it is something in the oil services business. Let’s find out what the secret stock is, by own research and without signing up for the Motley Fool Stock Advisor (One Year $199).

So here is what the ad tells us:

President Obama is powerless to stop it.

Exxon, Shell, and BP are digging deep into their pockets for it. (In fact, they’re required by law to cough up $41,000 an hour.) Oil-drunk dictators from Russia, to Saudi Arabia, to Venezuela are hopping mad about it.

Warren Buffett just vacuumed up 3.56 million shares!

It looks like an octopus wearing a Mardi Gras crown. It sounds like 1,000 Harley Davidsons revving up at a green light. And it feels like the no-brainer investing opportunity of the century.


Let’s keep it simple the info that Warren Buffett bought 3.56 million shares is the key. We can just check the latest Berkshire’s quarterly 13F fillings to see what Warren Buffett bought. Ok I will tell you which company it is … it is … National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

National Oilwell Varco is a pretty omnipresent company in the oil & gas sector. Most in their core niche of high-tech equipment for drilling and completion operations. More than 90% of the drilling rigs have some kind of NOV equipment. Sounds like the classical Warren Buffet investment.

The funny thing is that if NOV is such a great investment, you would expect that the Motley Fool mutual funds would have a position in NOV, but they are not even holding a single share of NOV…



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