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The 10 Most Shorted Stocks by Hedgefonds

The new Goldman Sachs hedge fund report  lists the 50 favorite short positions among the world largest hedge funds. Most of the 50 key short positions have outperformed the S&P 500 year to date.  During a collapse these stocks could under perform the S&P 500. We have ranked up the 10 most shorted stocks based on dollar value, take a look below:


10. Wal Mart (WMT)

Short interest in $ = 2 Billion

Year to date = 17%

Comment: Wal Mart had disappointing store sales and decreased outlook for the next quarter.



9. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Short interest in $ = 2.25 Billion

Year to date = 37,5%

Comment: Johnson & Johnson had to pay a $2 Billion fine for false marketing, but has a steady outlook.



8. Walt Disney (DIS)

Short interest in $ = 2.52 Billion

Year to date = 41%

Comment: The company has beaten the estimates of the analysts.



7. (CRM)

Short interest in $ = 2.7 Billion

Year to date = 32%

Comment: After the purchase of the company ExactTarget the losses decreased but analyst are fearing a slowing growth because of more competition.



6. Verizon (VZ)

Short interest in $ = 3.5 Billion

Year to date = 24%


Even with decreasing subscribers the company was beating the estimates of the analysts.



5. IBM (IBM)

Short interest in $ = 3.6 Billion

Year to date = -3%

Comment: After several bad quarters IBM was beating this quarter the estimates



4. ExxonMobil (XOM)

Short interest in $ = 4.4 Billion

Year to date = 12%

Comment: The Company has beaten the estimated earnings by 2 cent.



3. At&T (T)

Short interest in $ = 4,5 Billion

Year to date = 10%

Comment: Because of greater competition in the telecommunication segment and for the expensive acquisition of Leap institutional investors are concerned about the future growth.



2. Gilead (GILD)

Short interest in $ = 5 Billion

Year to date = 90%

Comment: Gilead misses analyst’s estimates on sales of HIV drugs.



1. Intel (INTC)

Short interest in $ = 6. Billion

Year to date = 25%

Comment: Intel has reported a flat revenue for the 2014.


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